Steel Entry Doors

imagesCAVBLQJEThe exterior doors of your home are there to provide safety from burglars and keep people out of your home. When you are looking for an entry door to your home, you are looking for durability, security, and probably something that will be energy efficient. Steel entry doors are great for security and are much stronger than fiberglass and wood doors. Steel doors are also great insulators and can be made with fake wood and glaze finishes to keep the modern look you might need.

A great advantage of having a steel entry door is that they won’t rot, crack or warp like some other materials. This will provide you with a durable investment in your home and they are pretty much maintenance free. While providing you with extra security, a steel french door will allows you safety and beauty all in one.

Steel entry doors come prehung on a weathertight wooden frame that is fitted with weather stripping. They can be fitted with 2 or 3 pane glass that will minimized your heat loss.

Insulated steel entry doors help to keep out the cold air in the winter and keep out the hot air in the summer. This helps on our electricity bills tremendously. This is a great investment for any home owner. You can buy steel doors with a polyurethane core to prevent weather stipping.

When choosing your design for your door, consider your home’s style firstimages33 and match it up to compliment each other. Your front door really can make the difference in the overall look of your home.

If you are looking to replace your current entry door or are building a new home, steel french entry doors are  great option. They are great for home value and are beautiful on top of that. Most steel doors ship with deadbolt locks, so you want to be sure to check with your vendor on your lock options.