A french door screen is great for apartments, homes, condos, townhomes,Retractable-Screen-Door or any type of home. This is a great option for people who live in changeable weather conditions. If you are looking for a little control over the amount of light or heat that is let into your home, you may enjoy a french door screen. It can also allow you and your family a little extra privacy in the evenings and can also give a great decorative effect.

It is important when you are picking out which type of french door screen that you are sure what the intended purpose of the screen is for. If your purpose is for added decor, for example, your main concern would be the style and color that you choose. If you are going to be using your screen on a regular basis, you probably want something more durable and possibly with an automatic drawing system.

Retractable Screens

A very popular syle of screen for french doors are those that are retractable. You can get them to provide protection from insects or unwanted pets that you don’t want in your home. When you are not using your screen, they will retract into the housing where you can not even see them. These screen will compliment your french doors without looking tacky or over bearing.

The purpose of a screen for you french door is like that of any other door. These are great for your patio or front doors.  Sometimes you may want to leave your front door open and let the fresh air in. That is what screens are for and having a french door in no way inhibits you from having a screen.